When you’re hunting, or training your dog for hunting, there’s not much worse than a small, slow moving bird. We’ve taken the hassle out of finding birds and only offer high-quality, hearty, fast flying Chukars. We’re conveniently located just off of I-5 in Corning, CA.

Why Chukars?

Chukars are a popular bird for hunting here in California because they offer an intense challenge. When training your dog, these birds will truly test their abilities.

Who are they for?

We specialize in raising Chukars until they are at their prime. Whether that’s for hunting, or dog training, we have high-quality birds that will challenge you and your dog.

Our 3-part Promise

Superior Customer Service

You can’t have an exceptional experience without superior customer service. Being a family owned business, with deep roots in the Chico, CA area, we know how important it is to ensure our customers leave having had not only an exceptional experience, but also superior customer service because we value each and every customer.

Exceptional Experience

Whether purchasing chukars, going on a guided hunting trip, or participating in a tournament, at Clear Creek Outfitters you will always have an exceptional experience. Wes has more than a decade of experience and prides himself on making sure everyone has a great time.

Transparently Trustworthy

If you’re going to spend money on chukars, go on a guided hunt, or participate in a tournament, you want to do it with honest hosts. Everything that happens at Clear Creek Outfitters is transparent. You will know exactly what to expect from our products and experiences. If a question ever arises, we’ve got you covered by our superior customer service.

Pricing and Ordering Information

  • We offer our Chukars for $14 per bird. A $4/bird deposit is required. Below are the dates that deposits are required by depending upon which month you need birds.
  • If you choose to pick your birds up from Clear Creek Outfitters there is no minimum on how many birds you can order. Pick up is always available by appointment.
  • We offer delivery for $2/loaded mile
  • Orders placed outside of a 3 hour drive from Corning requires a minimum order of 300 birds.
  • We prefer you bring your own bird boxes. Bird boxes must be disinfected prior to coming to the ranch.
  • CCO will provide bird boxes upon request. We require a $200 refundable deposit. Boxes must be returned within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed upon.