Hunting is an awesome experience, but it can be challenging to plan your own trip. It becomes more challenging if you’re going with a group, or going in an area where you’re unfamiliar with the terrain. We take away the challenge and set up the awesome experience with our guided hunts in Corning, California. We first understand what type of experience you want to have, and then you leave the planning to us! We craft a guided hunt that aims to exceed your expectations, and all you have to do is show up on the day of the hunt.

Our 3-part Promise

Superior Customer Service

You can’t have an exceptional experience without superior customer service. Being a family owned business, with deep roots in the Chico, CA area, we know how important it is to ensure our customers leave having had not only an exceptional experience, but also superior customer service because we value each and every customer.

Exceptional Experience

Whether purchasing chukars, going on a guided hunting trip, or participating in a tournament, at Clear Creek Outfitters you will always have an exceptional experience. Wes has more than a decade of experience and prides himself on making sure everyone has a great time.

Transparently Trustworthy

If you’re going to spend money on chukars, go on a guided hunt, or participate in a tournament, you want to do it with honest hosts. Everything that happens at Clear Creek Outfitters is transparent. You will know exactly what to expect from our products and experiences. If a question ever arises, we’ve got you covered by our superior customer service.

What can be expected?

We will provide the dog and calling.

The hunter will be expected to bring:
– Hunting License
– A Shotgun
– Steel shells – We recommend 3 inch 2’s
– Waterproof Camo Jacket
– Chest Waders are required for most hunts
 (We will let you know if they are not required for your hunt)

Hunt Rules

  • 50% non-refundable deposit per hunter due at booking per hunter/per day. By making a deposit, you are agreeing to the CCO conditions listed on this page. No roll over hunts for any reason.
  • The balance of your hunt is due prior to the start of your day with us – no exceptions. You can pay onsite with cash, check or we use PayPal to accept all credit cards.
  • We make no guarantee of harvest, weather or bird activity.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule a hunt. You are liable for the entire booked hunt once a deposit is made.
  • All hunts end at 12:00pm.
  • We do not allow any other dogs on our hunts – regardless of who or what the dog can do. We make no exceptions under any circumstance.
  • We are not responsible nor can control mother nature. Any hunt booked and shut down by inclement weather, flooding or anything out of our direct control – deposits will not be refunded.

Types of Hunts We Offer

Rice Fields: We have pit blinds (dug into the ground) in the middle of the water. They’re in the middle of the rice field, and we walk through the field in waders. There are also heaters in the blinds. This is mostly for duck hunting, but high chance of geese. The advantage of this setup is that ducks prefer to be in the middle of the fields and not on the sides.

Ponds: We have both stationary and mobile blinds onsite, dependent upon the weather. These mobile blinds allow us to move to where the birds are, and we aren’t stuck in one area. Depending upon the location of the blind, we will get there by a quick boat or ATV ride, or walking. We set up decoys the night before the hunt, so the birds do not get used to the decoys. This simulates a real flock by not having the decoys sitting for days at a time. This type of hunt yields mostly ducks.

Dry Fields: We have layout blinds, pit blinds, or mobile blinds available depending upon client preference, weather, and bird location when scouting. These hunts are more focused on geese, though there is a possibility of ducks. The blinds in this type of hunt are easier to access.

More About Your Guide

What you see is what you get here. We’re proudly family owned and operated. Your trip will be booked with Wes, and Wes will be your guide. He is an expert caller, and has been calling birds for fifteen years. More about what sets us apart:

  • We don’t book hunts day-after-day, allowing for more of an opportunity to harvest birds.
  • Wes is an expert at getting the birds in the ideal shot range for the clients (20-40 yards over the decoys). 85% of the time, Wes can accomplish this but of course many factors go into it.
  • Wes can call out shots for less experienced hunters: “shoot now”, “hold off, let me get him closer”, etc.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our blinds, how well camouflaged they are, and how comfortable they are for our clients.
  • Most importantly, we care about crafting an experience for each client that we take out. We want the experience to be the best possible for our clients, so they join the Clear Creek Outfitters family, and come back to hunt with us year after year.

What time do we meet, and where?
We meet an hour and a half before shoot time at Loves Gas Station.
2120 South Ave, Corning, CA 96021

What shells do you recommend?
Wes recommends 12 gauge 3 inch 2’s to 3 inch 1’s

Are food and water provided?
No, you will be responsible to bring your own snacks and water

Can I bring my own hunting dog?
In order to maximize the quality of your hunt, Wes prefers to use his dog to guarantee you a smooth hunt.

We accept payments in cash, check or credit card.